Lucky Day Studios

Lucky Day Studios is an independent film production company founded by Tom Lockridge and Jeff Day in 2009.  Tom and Jeff came together to see if their writing styles were compatible and the result was the screenplay, Unrequited. Nine months from the completion of the script, Unrequited went into production.

Almost as soon as the film was out of post-production, they secured distribution through Arclight Films. The film sold in about a dozen countries including Australia, Russia and Eastern Europe.  Lionsgate obtained the U.S. and Canadian rights to Unrequited in 2012. After a very long wait, Lionsgate has finally slated the film for release in the U.S. in 2017. The foreign rights to Unrequited are now being handled by CardinalXD.

In 2016, Lucky Day Studios completed its second feature film, Faith Love and Chocolate. That film is in post-production and will ready for the market in 2017.

Tom and Jeff have been writing multiple screenplays and are currently in various stages of development on several projects. See the “In Development” tab for more information.


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